Update 2/2/2021

  • Check-in for rules meeting will start at noon and we encourage people to check in early to limit the line after 5pm.
  • Doors to the rules meeting open at 5pm. Teams need checked-in by 6:30pm.
  • Only one angler is necessary to check the team in.  This is preferred to limit the number of people in line.
  • Lanyards with name badges will be provided.  These are required to be worn to attend the event and claim prizes.
  • You must be present to win any prizes with the exception of the kids.
  • Only anglers in the WFW may attend.
  • If doing the family friendly release, notify us at check-in.
  • If you decide not to fish due to weather or poor ice conditions, notify us at check-in to the rules meeting.  You will not be required to go to the release Saturday morning.  See “Why Try Fishing” next…
  • Why Try Fishing (WTF) teams – We will draw for some WTF cash prizes on Saturday. Amounts to be determined.
  • Boat Walleye Division, please let us know if you intend on going in a boat Saturday.

Update: 1/5/2021

Option to leave kids at home or in hotel room during rules meeting and awards:  Assuming there is adult supervision at home or in the hotel, kids already registered to fish in the tournament need not attend the rules meeting or awards night.  We will not be allowing any additional children to be added at this time.

  • We will still have some kids drawings that parents/team members can accept for the kids
  • Please use this option to minimize the number of people we have in the Ramkota so we can spread out as much as possible.
  • Notify us via text what kids WILL NOT be attending the rules meeting and awards night
  • We will provide each child 12 & under with a small Rapala Photon Flashlight at registration so we do not have a large crowd of kids massed together by the stage.

First Announcement
The Pierre WFW understands the concern for the situation at hand due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are working hard to make sure our event will be safe and fun for all anglers.  After long discussions with our sponsors, anglers, and event organizers, we have decided to proceed with the tournament.  The following changes are being made to the WFW and we are taking extra precautions.  This is subject to change based on any further developments.

  • Only WFW volunteers and ANGLERS registered (including kids registered) in the WFW will be allowed at the event. No spectators, buddies, family members, or others. All WFW anglers are required to wear a name badge to claim prize and be allowed into the Ramkota ball room.  Badges will be provided at registration.
  • Opt-Out Option: if you are not comfortable coming to the event, you must notify us by January 15thYou will not lose your guaranteed spot but no refunds will be issued as most prizes have already been purchased. We will have a proportionate amount of drawings for these teams depending on the number that decide not to come.  Notify us via text by responding to our messages to you (include team number) if you will not be coming.
  • LOTTERY TEAM WINNERS – If you choose not to attend, you can either ask for a refund, or we will keep your registration fee and include you in the drawings for the proportionate share of prizes. Your spot will not carry over to our 2022 event.
  • lease don’t wait until the last second to Pshow up to limit the number of people in lines. We will open up check-in earlier this year to spread things out.
  • We will not have food this year to limit lines and congestion.  Beverages will be available from the Ramkota.  No outside beverages allowed.
  • If you are sick with anything, DO NOT COME!  Notify us ASAP.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available.
  • Masks are highly encouraged.
  • Rules are located here for any additional questions regarding the event.